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Perspectives on consulting, developing policy, collaborating and more, by integral Neil Richardson.

About the Integral Blog and Neil Richardson

This blog is written by integral thinker, Neil Richardson, founder of Emergent Action. Here he discusses smart government advocacy, integral thinking and many other topics. Neil believes that his work should foster change and transformation.  His writing, like the life he leads and the work he supports – emerges out of contemplation only reaching full completion through collaboration and dialogue with others.  Thoughtful, creative and comprehensive: integral Neil Richardson’s ideas have been encapsulated admiringly by these words.

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Platinum Anniversary Fast!

Platinum Anniversary Fast!

It is that time of year (almost) for me to do my February Fast…I am doing it earlier this year to celebrate my twentieth year and to accommodate birthdays and other events. January 15 – February 15.  I am happy to begin. The Fast, as always for me is about observing...