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We are in the early stages of an economic shift so significant, based on networks and complex adaptive systems, that a new form of organization will evolve that will be neither capitalism nor socialism as we know it. It is with this emergence of a new type of economy in mind that the following framework is suggested to establish a 21st century workforce for the emerging Creative Molecular Economy. This new type of workforce will need the capacity to innovate, collaborate at a deeper level, and be capable of adapting to constant change in a fast paced, increasingly complex society using communications technology and a new way of thinking. For any local workforce to prepare for an economy in constant change, we need a systemic approach. Individuals will become responsible for their own economic capacities and will need the following:

  • An understanding of how society is transforming and how this transformation will impact economic opportunities for themselves and their communities.
  • Lifelong learning skills, as individuals learn how to spot emerging weak signals and develop the capacity as entrepreneurs to create new opportunities for income streams from different sources.
  • Capability to be constantly innovative by developing the capacity to connect total disparate idea spaces into new products and services that adapt to changing conditions.
  • Capability to use Internet access in multiple ways, to include uploading blueprints for new products that can be custom manufactured at instant manufacturing sites and shipped within the week to individuals anywhere in the world.
  • Well-developed imagination, intuition, and insight, so that individuals can be part of a creative workforce able to adapt to constant change.
  • Ability to connect with other people and organizations throughout the world to develop innovation networks around emerging ideas, issues and opportunities.

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