Partnership Builder

Neil Richardson—consulting, developing policy, collaborating and more.

Neil Richardson Consulting Services

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Neil Richardson, partnership builder, brings over 20 years of collaboration experience working with leaders and teams seeking to make great change.  From seeding Master Capacities skills in leaders, facilitating transformative change in communities and organizations, to sensing emergence in all its manifestations, Neil brings integral and deep thinking to every project.  As a public speaker Neil helps people imagine a better future, while offering concrete recommendations on how to flow with emergence and embrace complexity.

Partnership Builder

A true partnership builder, Neil has earned this experience working with leaders and thinkers from across the world.  He has led large-scale municipal change processes, developed city policy initiatives for three mayors, and consulted on numerous political campaigns.  Neil is a skilled practitioner of planning processes that incorporate strategic and adaptive practices that ensure near-term success as well as long-term sustainability.


  • Partnership Building
  • Policy Development
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptive & Strategic Planning
  • Community & Organization Change
  • Coaching & Training
  • Political & Issue Strategy
  • Keynote & Expert Speaker