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It is that time of year (almost) for me to do my February Fast…I am doing it earlier this year to celebrate my twentieth year and to accommodate birthdays and other events. January 15 – February 15.  I am happy to begin.

The Fast, as always for me is about observing attachments. There will be no alcohol, meat, caffeine, cheese, social media, shopping, multitasking, processed foods and a variety of other things. you can reach me on email at or on my website

I do more meditation and more working out during the month, but I experiment with different practices and I usually try something completely different. Last year it was different kinds of breathing techniques – this year it will be acupuncture!

I still go out to bars and restaurants and put myself into situations of temptation. I keep a diary of my challenges and thoughts as they float through my mind and become mindful of things that tempt me most…and ask myself “why?”. I can still eat a lot and usually do not lose that much weight.

I have found that tearing my patterns and habits down to the bones, I can see more clearly about how I use things to provide comfort or distraction from being mindful of unpleasant things or thoughts. I become more appreciative and more present.  I notice my rhythms more and I notice they tend to stick around longer when I don’t “self-medicate” or distract myself from what I am feeling. I do not chase my emotions away or try to make them stay.

I am thankful for what I have and for what I will discover. I am thankful for all of you!